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Get to Know Joanna: Our Customer with a Flair for Design

For our 40th anniversary, we want to capture 40 stories from past customers, members of Team Marshall, and industry partners. We spoke with prior customer Joanna Munoz, about her siding project. Joanna’s creativity shined throughout the process (which she also documented on her own blog – Painting by the Penny!) and we’re excited to share what she had to say about working with Marshall.

How did you discover Marshall building & remodeling?

“We discovered Marshall by doing a Google search. I’m a big Google fan, I read a LOT of reviews. I’m definitely big on reviews! But also driving around and seeing signs for YEARS. I grew up in Rhode Island so I would see signs in front of people’s houses and in the back of my mind I knew that I wanted to get in contact with Marshall for this project.”

What do you think makes a great contractor?

“Definitely communication! Communication is huge for my partner and I. We want to make sure the job is getting done right, the timeline is good, and that we’re communicating. Every project can have its delays, and ups and downs, so we wanted to make sure that we knew we could communicate throughout the project while getting the job done right. Quality is very important to us.”

What value or benefits have you realized since re-siding your home?

“Maintenance and curb appeal! The main motivator to do our siding was initially the siding we had was wood cedar shingles and they were in really bad condition. They were peeling. The paint was peeling. It was just really, really bad. So a lot of the motivation behind it was definitely curb appeal for me. Maintenance too, for sure, because we didn’t want to have to worry about keeping up with it. There were structural and cosmetic benefits too, for example we didn’t have any insulation in the house, so we wanted to get that done first, and then make sure we had really nice siding to cover all of that.”

What made Marshall stand out from other local contractors in Rhode Island?

“Marshall stood out to us because first of all, some of the other contractors we’ve contacted for quotes did not get back to us. A lot of them came and viewed the house and then we never heard from them. It’s like the house scared them away or something! But when we reached out to Marshall, Alex, the project consultant, came and he was awesome. He kind of knew what my vision was, and that’s so important to me because I love design. I needed the person I was working with, and the company I was working with, to understand what I want and do their best to keep us happy and satisfied. I definitely think that experience stood out compared to other companies we reached out to. From that experience, I knew that this was going to be true teamwork from both of us. And that was with everyone I met from the company too! Like the communication, working together, bouncing ideas off each other. Someone listening to my ideas and even making suggestions and just giving me options was awesome. I never felt pressured through the entire experience. It’s such a big decision, and sometimes a hard decision, and to not feel pressured and to feel like someone is listening to you when you’re working with them was very helpful.”

What would you tell someone considering us for their next roofing, siding, or window remodeling project?

“Just do it! But seriously, I would recommend getting in contact with Marshall, who will communicate with you and make sure that you’re happy. That’s the last thing you want is to have a massive project done and then for you not to like it. Especially with your home, you should really, really love your home!”

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us, Joanna! We’re so happy that we were able to bring your vision to life.


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