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Get to Know Alex: Our Project Design Expert

For our 40th anniversary, we want to capture 40 stories from past customers, members of Team Marshall, and industry partners. We spoke with Alex Platt, one of our awesome project experts and design consultants. Alex shares some of his favorite things about being on the team and creating beautiful home transformations every day.

What’s your favorite part of your role?

“I love the creativity of it. It’s amazing to see the end result of each project after you’ve been working on it with everyone on the team. When we go out to do a final walk around of the project, you get to see how it all came together and you see how satisfied the homeowners are, knowing they got exactly what they wanted. I feel proud of that.”

What do you think makes working at a family company so special?

“There’s a lack of bureaucracy and you really have access to everybody. Everybody is important. Everybody has a voice and we’re able to get things done in a way that’s very efficient. You don’t get that with big companies. There’s a warmness and there’s a caring that goes beyond just dollars and cents.”

What do you think makes Marshall stand out in this industry?

“The Marshall values that have been developed over so many years. You know, 40 years in business, that’s saying something. The right kind of culture has been cultivated from the very beginning and that’s continuing to blossom today. We keep our word and we’re able to create an experience for homeowners that’s different because of the relationships we’ve built. Our production team is unbelievable and we can truly bring the vision to life for people and then we can support them in the long run. Our homeowners know that if they ever have questions or if they ever have concerns, they’ve got somebody to talk to. They’ve got a voice. I think one of the scariest things when you’re talking about spending a lot of money on a project is the uncertainty of the communication. At Marshall we stay ahead of all of that, we’ve got a great process that keeps homeowners informed every step of the way.”

What do you think makes a great contractor?

“A couple of different things. Being on time. Keeping your word. But then also having the support like we do to deliver on your promises and commitments.”

What’s one of your favorite memories at Marshall?

“I would say working on my first project, because I was able to see it all the way through to the finish line. That’s when I really appreciated what everybody on the team brings to the table, when we came together on all of the little details that bring our projects to life. I remember sitting with those homeowners, who were just really great people. They already had a very specific vision for what they wanted. I was able to help them clarify their ideas into a concrete plan and they couldn’t have been more excited. I think about that project sometimes and I honestly think the enthusiasm that they had for their project set the tempo for every project I’ve worked on since. I want people to have that same energy and attitude. For so many people, when they call us up and they’re working with us, that’s fulfilling a dream of theirs. I appreciate that and that’s what makes our job so fun. ”

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us, Alex! We love the positivity and enthusiasm you bring to each project.

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