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One Home 5 Palettes

Let’s talk color.

Choosing a color for your new siding can be difficult. It can be hard to balance modern and classic looks or weigh the pop of color that makes your home stand out in a good way against a pop that doesn’t work (or against having way too much color). The internet has a lot of information about how to choose but some of it is contradictory. Color theory can be helpful but it’s also confusing if you don’t have any prior understanding of how it works. I reached out to one of Marshall’s color experts, Adam Park, to see what he had to say. Check out his advice here, along with some 3D renderings of the same house in 5 palettes.


Here’s a look at two homes with their color palettes. But if you missed it, use the link above to read the full article.




When you’re done, scroll through our gallery below. I think you’ll have fun comparing the virtual renderings with homes that have similar, if not the same, color combinations.

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