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10 Warning Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Home’s Siding

New CertainTeed Cedar Impressions 5" Siding Installed by Marshall Building & Remodeling on RI Home

Your home’s siding is meant to be a layer that protects your home from the harsh weather. However, serious long-term and costly problems can occur if your siding is older, needs to be repaired, or hasn’t been properly maintained.

Here are some signs to look for when determining if your home needs new siding:

1. Your Home Needs Frequent Paint Jobs

If your paint is chipping within 3 years, this is an indication that the siding needs to be repaired immediately.

2. High Cost of Energy

Siding allows for insulation from varying temperatures. Sky-high heating and cooling bills signal that your home’s siding needs to be replaced.

3. Rotting and Misshapen Siding

A simple visual inspection shows where siding is misshapen. Using a sharp object to probe underneath the siding boards, feel around to find soft layers that should be taken off and replaced.

4. Your Siding is Cracked or Coming Off

Cracks in large sections of your siding indicate that it must be replaced. When cracked siding is left alone, severe problems with leakage are bound to occur.

5. Mold and Fungus

Growth on the exterior of your siding indicates that water seepage is a problem. Not all molds are cause for alarm, but should be further looked into by a professional.

6. Peeling Paint Inside Your Home

Wallpaper and paint on the inside of your home that looks chipped could be a sign that your siding is not doing a great job of keeping out unwanted moisture.

7. Your Siding is Faded

Siding that has not retained its color is an indication that it has past its prime. Everything has a life expectancy, and severely faded siding will not perform the way newer siding does when keeping out water.

8. Bubbles

When bubbles appear underneath your siding, it is a sign that water has become trapped. This certainly means that the siding should be replace immediately, as siding is meant to keep moisture out of the home, not trap it inside!

9. Holes

Having holes in your siding means that moisture is getting in, and even small ones can cause huge damages in the long run if they are not properly taken care of.

10. Dry Rot

Dry rot underneath the surface of siding shows that most of the protective material has been eaten away. This requires that your home’s siding needs to be redone.

When your siding is performing at its utmost potential, it not only makes your home look beautiful, it also protects your home from the elements. Replacing or repairing your siding will keep your home maintenance-free and looking new.


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