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Are Triple-Pane Windows Worth the Cost?

Window Trim Detail on Windows Installed by Marshall Building & Remodeling in Rhode Island

During the cold months, we all want to save money on our energy bills. Drafty windows and doors are some of the biggest energy thieves, stealing up to 30% of heating and cooling energy on an average home.

Replacing windows that are damaged or more than 10 years old can lower your yearly energy bills.

If you need to upgrade your old windows, it’s worth looking into the benefits of triple-pane windows.

In colder regions, like here in New England, triple-pane windows can save you up to 2 to 3 percent on your energy bills. Make no mistake though; it could take years to recoup the expense of installing triple-pane windows.

Don’t rule out triple-pane windows just yet though. Triple-pane have other benefits including:

    • More energy efficient than their double-pane and single-pane counterparts.
    • They’re ideal for colder climates like New England.
    • They’ll reduce cold drafts. If triple-pane windows don’t fit into your budget for all the windows in your home, only get triple-pane for the North and East side windows of your home.
    • Triple-pane windows will eventually pay you back in energy savings, depending on the original price of the windows and installation, despite taking years to do so.
    • They can be more resistant to condensation, which means they’ll maintain a higher indoor relative humidity during the cold months.
    • They are much heavier than double- and single-pane windows, but the added weight is no match for the craftsmanship of modern window products.
    • New windows add value to your home and triple-pane windows can add additional value on top of that.

If the conditions are right and you want the maximum amount of comfort and return on your home, triple-pane windows are an ideal solution.


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