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David Iacovelli

RI Home & Garage After Roofing, Windows, & Gray CertainTeed Cedar Impressions Siding

“Step 1 is complete which is the new roof. If anyone who wants to hire a contractor who answers or returns calls Marshall B&R is the one. The morning of the project start you meet the project manager (in my case Jeff R) and discuss anything that concerns you. Crew arrives, dumpster and material get delivered. I came home for lunch and it appeared a bomb went off (in a good way), entire perimeter of the house was covered in tarps and anything fragile was covered to protect, the main house was striped and shingled except for the front portico. My shed was stripped and was going to be complete after lunch. I came home from work and everything was picked up and put back in place. There were a few perennials that were damaged (no problem they will grow back), bear in mind landscaping was covered with a tarp, ladders and bundles of shingles are heavy. The crew uses a large pull behind magnet to pick up nails, all we found was 1 nail = great job. My wife and I could not be happier and can’t wait for the rest of the work to be done. I would highly recommend Marshall B&R!”


Part way through – new roof. Now for siding, windows, and doors!

“Step 2 complete > Harvey Tribute windows and CertainTeed Cedar Impressions siding. There were a few issues that were quickly rectified by Project Manager Taylor. The crew broke/bent the onion lamp on my from post is being replaced. The front and patio doors were ordered with incorrect swing, new doors were ordered and will be installed soon. Some landscape plantings were trampled but they will grow back next year. Any big project always has issues but I rate a business the way they respond to issues. Next step new doors.”


Almost there! Beautiful new siding and windows. Now for the doors…


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