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Get to Know Alyssa: Community Engagement & Marketing

For our 40th anniversary, we want to capture 40 stories from past customers, members of Team Marshall, and industry partners. We spoke with Alyssa Marshall, our amazing community engagement and marketing specialist. Alyssa shares some of her favorite things about being on the team and building relationships within our community.

What’s your favorite part of your current role?

“My current role is two-fold. I work in both community engagement and marketing. My favorite part of the community engagement side is planning events that bring the team together. Like a few weeks ago we went up north for our annual ski trip. Everyone’s family joins us. It’s a really fun time, and does so much for the team building. I also love the act of planning the event – the details, the logistics. It’s fun. In marketing, I love writing copy. It’s what I’m trained in, so for me it’s honestly a good time to create, revise, and edit. I also love to strategize and to see ideas from their seedling stage throughout their actualization.”

What do you think makes working at a family company so special?

“This makes me laugh a little. I have a lot of family members here. When we say family business, we mean it. Andy is my husband, Anne is my sister-in-law, Meg & Heather are my cousins, Taylor is my brother…Judy is the office aunt but I think there’s a bylaw that makes her mine in real life because she’s a Marshall. Can you have an aunt-in-law? I’m pretty sure that’s a yes. Anyway, it’s a risk, I’m sure, for many families, but it works for us. Honestly, I love coming to work each day. We are always happy to offer each other assistance (until my husband steels my charger, of course). We love collaborating and finding solutions. And this extends to every member of our team. It creates a really fun environment when you have people who love coming to work. It makes everyone here better at their jobs. You won’t find a person on the team who doesn’t care about the people they work with or for. It might actually be our secret ingredient.”

What do you think makes Marshall stand out in this industry?

“Hands down it’s our customer service but we are also a full press company. We have highly skilled installers – craftsmen, really. You can’t beat our warranties. We have a long-standing reputation so you know we’re not going anywhere (and we’ll be around to see those warranties through). We believe in building relationships and we know that means trust, so we do things differently than a lot of contractors. It’s why we don’t accept any money up front and we work to make sure our customers are comfortable every step along the way. We have Project Experts trained in color design. We make 3-D renderings to help with design decisions. We mean it when we say no-obligation quotes. The list goes on but our customer service is really the differentiator. Our reviews are probably the best place to see what I mean. Families have worked with us for generations. Customer referrals have historically been our number one source of lead generation. We’re great at what we do and we’re attentive throughout the entire process, actually even post-sale. You can’t beat it.”

What do you think makes a great contractor?

“Honesty, transparency, excellence in their craft. Reputation, especially when partnered with a longstanding relationship with the community. In its simplest form, I’d argue a great contractor is a company or person who does what they say they are going to do, answers the phone and your questions, addresses your concerns, and leaves you with quality results that will last.”

What’s one of your favorite memories at Marshall?

“I’m torn between that time we saved a kitten stuck in a very tall, burning tree and the “Ultimate” gummy bears Judy buys in bulk. No, I’m just kidding. We didn’t save a kitten but we would, one hundred percent. We do, however, always have gummy bears. Honestly, though, it’s more of a feeling. There is always laughter at the office. I love the feel-good stories that come across my desk. Team members going the extra mile and finding out about it when a customer writes a review. The time Tom fixed a window at cost because the homeowner’s grandkid drove a golf ball through it. The charity work that goes on behind the scenes, from paid volunteerism to giving up an evening to bowl for a good cause. And I love how much fun we have while we do it. ”

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us, Alyssa! We’re so lucky to have your creativity and thoughtfulness on our team.

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