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Vinyl Siding Inspection Checklist

Close Up of Vinyl Siding in Tan And Black Trim Details on RI Home

No matter how maintenance-free vinyl siding can be, your siding can still get dirty and damaged from outside elements. Since vinyl siding is the face of your home, damaged siding can cause your home to look neglected and decrease your homes’ value.

Aside from the visible flaws, damage to your vinyl siding can cause much larger problems including pest infestations and water seepage that can get within your walls causing damage, mold, and stains to your property’s structure.

Here is a vinyl siding inspection checklist of what to look for when inspecting your siding:

Waves in your siding

Waves in your siding could be from extreme heat from the sun or water damage from improper installation.

Mold or mildew growth leading under the siding

Mold or mildew that goes under the siding can suggest water damage behind your siding.

Small chips or nicks

Chips and/or nicks in your siding are nothing to worry about. These can be easily touched up or painted over.

Dents or impact damage

Dents and impact damage usually occur from objects hitting your siding with force. This can include hail, baseballs, or even hitting it with the weed whacker.

Melting or deformed siding

Melted or deformed siding generally occurs from extreme heat caused by the sun, reflections, or heating something like a grill too close to the siding.


Cracking can compromise the siding by leading to water leaks and infestations. This is an issue that should be repaired immediately.


Older vinyl siding can eventually start to weather from years of being exposed to the elements. Weathering can look faded and lead to cracking and other damage.

Moss, lichens, fungus, or algae

Mosses and algae can be caused from trees and shrubs being too close to your siding. Get rid of these with some elbow grease and a good cleaning.

It’s important to inspect your vinyl siding a couple times of year, we recommend the fall and spring, for signs of damage or problematic areas. Giving your siding a thorough cleaning at least once a year will help you to pinpoint the wear and tear, as well as make your siding look new again and help it to last even longer.

If you find anything that needs repairing or seems dangerous during inspection, speak with a local vinyl siding professional about getting the repair made as soon as possible.


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Vinyl Siding Inspection Checklist

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