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Home Maintenance Tips to Stop Ghostly Sounds

Harvey Elite Windows with Colonial Grids Installed on MA Colonial Home with Gray Vinyl Siding

What goes squeak in the night? Your loose floorboards. If you’re experiencing squeaking, creaking, clattering, or rattles in your home, these home maintenance tips will help put an end to the ghostly sounds your home is making.

Noisy Pipes

If your pipes rattle, groan, vibrate, or clink, try these solutions:

Isolate the parts of the pipe that make the noise.

For vibrating pipes in walls, spray insulation foam into the wall to cushion the pipes from vibrating against the framing. If you don’t have access to the pipe, drill a small hole in the wall and insert a tube attached to a can of spray foam that you can purchase at the hardware store. Patch up the hole when you’re done.

Pipes that creak and groan might need to be cushioned at the pipe hangers. A thick piece of felt, craft foam, or fabric slipped under the strap can ease the groaning of expanding and contracting pipes.

Large appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers shut off quickly, causing clunks. If your large appliance is making a loud clunking noise, it’s time to install a water hammer arrester. Water hammer arresters are available at all hardware stores and will ease the strain put on your hoses, and fittings, when the water is instantly turned off by the appliance.

Your outdoor faucet could also be the culprit. An outdoor faucet that turns on and off can cause the pipes to rattle in your home. To stop outdoor faucets from rattling, simply tighten the screw holding the washer or replace the washer if it’s worn.

Creaky Doors

There’s nothing quite as creepy as a door that creaks open. Creaky doors are usually a sign that your door hinges need to be lubricated. Spray an all-purpose lube, Teflon, or silicon spray onto door hinges. If the problem persists, rub off rust from hinge pins, coat them with lubricant, and then replace them into the hinges.

If you have rattling doors instead, a quick fix is to apply a cabinet door pad, felt, or foam to the door stop to stop contact between the door and door stop.

Rattling Appliances

Refrigerators, washers, and dryers can all rattle or vibrate on your floor. To put an end to rattling appliances, simply apply anti-vibration pads or rubber to their feet.

Squeaky Floors Boards

Floorboards that squeak and creak are a nuisance, but as your home ages, creaking can become more prominent. A floorboard rubbing against a nail, or other wood, is what usually causes the creaking. To put a stop to creaky floorboards try applying talcum powder to reduce friction in the squeaking area.

If creaking floors continue, have someone step on the creaking area so you can pinpoint the location. If the subflooring is open below, look for loose nails or wood rubbing against a nail or other part of the subflooring.

For full DIY directions, visit: Family Handy Man

Howling Windows

Howling and whistling windows are annoying, but more importantly, it means you have an energy leak.

Howling windows could mean the wood or vinyl has shrunk, warped, or your home has settled. One solution is to use weather stripping to close the gap between the window sash and window frame.

Compound can become brittle and cracked along your windowpanes. Dig out the old compound and refill with fresh compound. Use weather sealer on gaps around your window trim.

Use exterior-grade caulking to caulk gaps on the outside of your windows and around the trim and siding. Again, use weather stripping around storm windows. If your storm windows are older, they may need to be replaced altogether.

Taking care of these home maintenance issues before they become a bigger issue will save you the headache and hassle in the future. Not to mention that noises from doors and windows can mean that your home has an energy leak. Fixing or replacing doors or windows can keep your home warm this winter and save you money on your energy bills.


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